What We Do

What We Do

CVLS is an organization of over 2,300 volunteer attorneys who donate free legal services to thousands of low-income Chicagoans annually. Our services are free, accessible and real. Find out how you can join us in our fight for equal access to justice.


CVLS is unique in its ability to offer a wide range of totally free legal services to the poor and working poor of Chicago. CVLS is recognized as the most comprehensive, most efficient and most cost-effective civil legal aid provider in Chicago.


CVLS offers programs that make substantial positive impact on the lives of our clients.

Neighborhood Clinics
Our volunteers spend a few hours in the evening or on a weekend morning meeting clients at a neighborhood legal clinic. This is practicing law at its most vital.

Referral Panels
We call on our volunteer attorneys to take on cases that they’ll like and offer clients expert services.

Guardian ad litem for Minors or Disabled Adults
Our pro bono attorneys represent the best interests of society’s most vulnerable citizens in Probate Court.

Chancery Court Access to Justice
We help homeowners fighting a foreclosure case and defendants in a pending Chancery case. Guaranteed interesting litigation and valuable service that clients can’t get elsewhere. 

View a list of case types we handle and approximate time commitments here


We promise to give you the training and support that you need so that you can devote your time, talent and skill to helping your client. We will insure you, protect you and nurture you while you advise, represent and, when necessary, litigate for our clients.  Together, we guarantee equal access to justice. Visit our Volunteers page to get involved!