Volunteer Support

Support Services


The ability to provide wide-ranging legal representation begins with a solid training foundation. As part of your initial training, CVLS staff attorneys will walk you through the basics of the field of law of your choice. More experienced attorneys benefit from regular training sessions to keep them apprised of relevant legal developments. Special training sessions are required before volunteering as a Domestic Relations Child Representative, Guardian Ad Litem for Minor or Disabled Adult, or participation in the Circuit Court of Cook County Foreclosure Mediation Program. CVLS staff is always available for individual and group trainings as needed.


Volunteers have access to written training manuals produced by CVLS staff attorneys on various areas of law, as well as step-by-step video manuals that will guide you through your case from start to finish. With 24 hour access to court forms, pleading templates, and samples, you will never need to worry about having what you need to complete your case.


We encourage our volunteers to use our office for their reception needs. Have your client call our office and we will take messages, transfer phone calls, accept mail and whatever else you need.

Office Space

CVLS interview rooms, computers, and office space are at your disposal as you work through your pro bono cases. Just let us know and we will make sure we have room set aside for you.