Guardian ad Litem for Disabled Adults

Guardian ad Litem for Adults

2 hour additional training

Appointed by Probate Court judges, GALs serve the best interests of adults who are the subject of adult guardianship cases. Some Adult GAL cases involve an initial petition for guardianship in which the Respondent is alleged to be unable to make personal or financial decisions. Other Adult GAL cases involve an investigation regarding the best interests of persons already adjudicated as disabled.

A guardianship case handled by a pro bono GAL typically involves an adult with developmental or age-related disabilities or someone with mental illness. The adult may be living with family or in a group home or a nursing home. These individuals have limited or no assets and/or income.

Volunteer GALs meet with the adult wherever they reside, review medical reports, interview health care personnel, facilitate negotiations, provide a written report and recommendation to the court and in some cases advocate for that recommendation at a hearing.d in some cases advocate that recommendation at a hearing.