Vino + Van Gogh Artists

Junior Board
Lauren K. Sharkey
Diana M. Karnes
Second Chair
Nick Niles
Third Chair
Katie Walton
Immediate Past Chair
Jonathan N. Adair
Elaina Emerick Andrade
Matea Bozja
Laura S. Buchanan
Melissa V. Caballero
Robert J. Crawford
Janice Dantes
Jamie Davis
Sharief El-Gabri
Nora Endzel
Kyle T. Fahey
Emiliya G. Farbstein
Megan Fitzpatrick
Justin C. From
Shunte' S. Goss
Jeanna Palmer Gunville
Michael A. Kuiken
Colton Long
Patrick Maloney
Andy J. Miller
Ashley Miller
Furqan Mohammed
Donald J. Moon
Neil Nandi
Benjamin Nellans
Malerie Ma Roddy
Roya Samarghandi
Lindsay Scheidt
Joshua Sigman
Alexa Van Brunt
Charles D. Zagnoli

Pre-Purchase Artwork

Like what you see? This year you can purchase the artwork before the event and save yourself the disappointment of finding out that great piece you love is already sold! Click the buy it now link on any of these pieces to pre-purcahse. All purchased artwork will be available for pickup at the end of Vino + Van Gogh 2018.