With 50 years of experience providing high quality, free legal services to low-income Chicagoans, CVLS and its volunteers are often recognized for their outstanding work.

Case Notes

Arnie and his wife couldn’t buy a house on their own so Arnie’s brother co-signed the mortgage. Unfortunately, Arnie couldn’t keep up his payments and the home went into foreclosure. Arnie desperately wanted to leave the property as soon as possible and protect what was left of his brother’s credit. Sal Lopez of Robson Lopez LLC took the case and within a matter of weeks negotiated a deed in lieu of foreclosure and got the foreclosure dismissed. Arnie is breathing a sigh of relief knowing he mitigated damage to his brother’s credit score.

Junior Board of Directors Elected for 2016

The CVLS Junior Board of Directors held elections this month. New board members include Jonathan Adair, of Kirkland & Ellis; Raechel Bimmerle, of Sidley Austin; Melissa Caballero, of the Law Offices of Jonathan Merel; Nicole Capretta, of First Defense Legal Aid; Shunte’ Goss, of the Law Office of Shunte’ Goss; Patrick Maloney, of Latham & Watkins; Andy Miller, of Locke Lord; Furqan Mohammed, of Perkins Coi. 

CVLS is Family: Helen & Joshua Sigman


CVLS is such a tight-knit community of friends, volunteers, staff and supporters, we like to call the organization a family. But some members of our community are even closer than that – they are literally family! In our “CVLS is Family” series, we’ll talk to a few family members about their connections with CVLS and the Chicago legal community.

After 9 Years, AILA Clinic Volunteer Rich's Client Is A US Citizen

It took more than 9 years, but finally, F became a US citizen.   

F, a 49-year-old woman originally from Pakistan, has been living in the U.S. for more than 20 years as a lawful permanent resident.  Seven years after she first applied for U.S. citizenship in 2007, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security denied her application due to alleged inconsistencies in her personal history and testimony, specifically her marital status.