With 50 years of experience providing high quality, free legal services to low-income Chicagoans, CVLS and its volunteers are often recognized for their outstanding work.

Tickets on sale for Vino + Van Gogh

Join the Junior Board of Chicago Volunteer Legal Services as they host the 7th Annual Vino + Van Gogh. Vino + Van Gogh is a wonderful opportunity for all professionals to enjoy art, food, music and drinks while mingling with old friends and making new connections. Every year local Chicago artists and students display their artwork for guests to enjoy and add to the alluring atmosphere customary for this event. A variety of media will be represented, including print art, paintings and sculpture. Art will be available to purchase through the artists at reasonable prices with a percentage donated to CVLS.

Goodbye, Patty

Patricia Nelson, Director of Chancery Court Access to Justice and Foreclosure Mediation Programs, inimitable member of CVLS’ management team, great lawyer and long time friend and ally, was out on a medical leave this summer. Although her health issues are not life threatening, she has been approved for long term disability, and, as a result, resigned her position at CVLS

A long, purple journey

On August 16, 2001 two memorable events happened in Chuck Aron’s life. That morning, he lost his brother-in-law , Paul Bracken, to Early-Onset Alzheimer’s and that evening he ran his first Race Judicata.
“Race Judicata is very close to me,” Chuck told us. “That’s why I never miss it.”

Case Notes: CVLS secures tenant's FEMA assistance

Six years ago, when major flooding devastated the South Side of Chicago, Toya's family was hit hard. With a foot of sewage and flood water in her basement, mold wreaked havoc on her daughter's asthma and lymph disorder. When the CHA, which subsidized her rent, failed to help the family, she went to FEMA and secured relocation assistance. Years later, the CHA ran an internal audit and terminated the family's voucher, claiming the FEMA assistance was a prohibited duplicative subsidy.

Volunteers needed for Bankruptcy Panel

CVLS needs volunteers for our new bankrtupcy panel. Bankruptcy is a powerful tool that can provide a family with a much-needed fresh start, however, few people know how or when to file for bankruptcy. CVLS volunteers will advise potential clients of whether bankruptcy is appropriate and, if it is, assist them in filing for and securing their bankruptcy. A typical CVLS bankruptcy case will involve filling out and reviewing the petition and schedules, using special software on CVLS computers, attending a creditors’ meeting, and reviewing and negotiating any reaffirmation agreements.