With 50 years of experience providing high quality, free legal services to low-income Chicagoans, CVLS and its volunteers are often recognized for their outstanding work.

Our Thanks

The United States Bankruptcy Court - Northern District of Illinois was generous enough to donate the moneys collected from their September Jean Friday Charity collection to Race Judicata. The employees donated a total of $370.75 to help ensure equal access to justice for those who could not otherwise afford it. Thank you sincerely to the Court and our generous donors.

A long, purple journey

On August 16, 2001 two memorable events happened in Chuck Aron’s life. That morning, he lost his brother-in-law , Paul Bracken, to Early-Onset Alzheimer’s and that evening he ran his first Race Judicata.
“Race Judicata is very close to me,” Chuck told us. “That’s why I never miss it.”

AILA Expands

This month Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO) will launch Legal Answers an online portal for Illinois attorneys to provide limited scope legal advice to lower-income Illinois residents about their civil legal issues. Legal Answers uses technology to overcome barriers presented by geography and scare local legal resources.