Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Seminars

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Seminars

Illinois requires their legal professionals take a certain amount of CLE each year. If you are lucky enough to have an employer that covers this expense, that’s great news! Not all legal professionals are so lucky, and the costs associated with fulfilling the required number of hours can get expensive.

But there’s no need to fret. Thanks to CVLS, your CLE credits don’t need to be expensive to be valuable. We offer some great continuing legal education courses that cost nothing to every one of our volunteers. We even offer CLE eligible online courses available at your convenience 24/7. 

CVLS is an accredited provider of Illinois MCLE courses and all of the seminars listed here are approved for Illinois MCLE credit only.

Live Seminars

Due to the limited size of our offices, only CVLS volunteers may attend seminars in person at our downtown location, 33 North Dearborn Street, Suite 400, Chicago, Illinois. A schedule of upcoming seminars can be found here.

Online Seminars

CVLS volunteers may also watch our online seminars (which archive many of the presentations that were provided in our offices). Each may be viewed at your convenience here.