Peter M. Ashmore

Peter M.
Director, Operations and Training
University of Missouri (B.A., Political Science, 1991)
DePaul University College of Law (J.D., 1994)

Hired as a CVLS staff attorney upon graduation from law school, Peter had already interned, externed, and volunteered with us. His Director of Operations and Training designation reflects in-house duties which include directing CVLS’ IT and database needs, organizing staff and management meetings and administration of CVLS’ MCLE program.  Peter still advises volunteers on an eclectic variety of cases, including tort defense, eviction, foreclosure, contracts, real estate, bankruptcy, probate, tax and public benefits.  In addition, as director of CVLS’ Guardian Ad Litem for Adults Program, Peter trains, recruits and supervises volunteers who serve as GALs for disabled adults. Peter formally served as President of the Illinois Center for Law & Technology, now known as Illinois Legal Aid Online and on the Illinois State Bar Association’s Delivery of Legal Services Committee. He currently sits on the Chicago Bar Association’s Probate, Elder Law, Mental Health and Consumer Law committees.