Matt Pollock

Director, Communications and Technology
Arizona State University (B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 2005)

Before joining CVLS in July 2007, Matthew worked as a mechanical engineer for 6 years in Chicago and Phoenix.  While toiling in the world of big business he developed a desire to give back to the community and found his way to CVLS.  His creative instincts mixed with a solid background using computer systems for both design and management made him a perfect fit to be our Director of Communications and Technology. 

His primary responsibilities include: event planning and execution for fundraising and social events including Race Judicata®, Vino & Van Gogh, and Law & Disorder; plan and support CVLS’ MCLE presentations; actively engage with Chicago’s legal marketing community to improve and develop relationships with existing and prospective donors and sponsors; development and management of all CVLS marketing materials including printed, electronic, social media and web; work closely with the executive director to target new sources of funding; serve as liaison to CVLS’ Junior Board of Directors; compose press releases and CVLS’ monthly newsletter; and act as CVLS’ official webmaster developing web content, design and features of