Volunteer Success Stories: September, 2014

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Here's what our volunteers have been up to this month! 

One day while running errands with her disabled 80-year old mother, Susan got a $200 parking ticket. She’d mistakenly left her disabled parking placard on her dashboard instead of in its proper place hanging from the rear view mirror.  No big deal, she figured. She sent a letter to the authorities explaining her mistake with proper documentation. Her $200 ticket was upheld. She appealed that finding. As a result, her fine was doubled.

With one last chance to fight the ticket and $400 fine, she sought help at CVLS’ Chinese American Service League Chinatown Clinic. Quarles & Brady attorneys Chris Skey, CVLS’ Immediate Past President, and Adam Margolin, helped Susan challenge the city’s decision. They won, getting Susan’s ticket and fees dismissed. They even got Susan’s filing fees refunded!

According to Chris, “[M]y colleague Adam Margolin did a great job on this case . . . Everything was nicely set up for the hearing, and the outcome was precisely what Susan wanted."

Susan’s fiercely-won victory was bittersweet because her mother died before the case was resolved.  However, she deeply appreciated the support, care, and advocacy that Chris and Adam gave her when she needed them most.  


A custody case can be a painful ordeal for everybody. Emily, a working, single parent of two young children, had always avoided going to court. But, when she learned that the father of her two children was building a home in Mexico and planned to take his children there, she realized she and her children needed security and stability.

So, she turned to the Schiff Hardin Clinic at H.O.W. in Rogers Park.

Schiff Hardin attorney Adam Diederich filed a case for Emily, seeking sole custody and child support. After a lengthy two year court battle, Emily’s mind is at ease. She was awarded sole custody of her children and the father’s visitation was restricted to prevent him from taking them out of the country. In addition, he is now ordered to pay child support.

Emily had Adam’s skill and support throughout the process. Adam stepped up for Emily because he knows that there is a constant demand for free legal services, especially for regular people like Emily who work hard but can’t afford our legal system. He is doing his part to help meet that need. Thank you Adam!