Volunteer Spotlight: Roenan

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

While Roenan Patt has only been taking cases from CVLS for a year, he certainly has made his presence known. After taking his first tort defense case for experience, Roenan now eagerly accepts multiple cases involving multiple issues and defenses. Whether his opponents work for law firms or for the government, Roenan is never afraid to stand up to them and fight for his clients. 

For Roenan, however, pro bono work is about more than just developing new strategies or getting more experience under his belt, it is how he quenches his passion for equal justice for all. “As much as you hear about the underserved, you don’t understand them until you work with them. They put their cases on hold because they are intimidated by the system,” Roenan says. 

Roenan says the gratitude expressed by his clients makes everything worthwhile, and it inspires him to do even more. We look forward to sending Roenan off to do battle on behalf of scores of CVLS clients to come!