Volunteer Spotlight: Rawn

Monday, February 16, 2015

Recent CVLS Volunteer Recognition Award winner Rawn Reinhard, a partner at Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg and a longtime GAL for Minors volunteer, recently made the front page of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

Rawn, who has handled a staggering 22 pro bono cases in the past three years, works with Neal Gerber paralegal Aiden Quinn on CVLS cases and often has five or six open at a time. We’re extremely fortunate to have someone like Rawn around, and thankful to Neal Gerber for supporting his pro bono efforts!

In talking with the Law Bulletin’s Jamie Loo, Rawn explained how he overcame his initial hesitation in taking on GAL cases without much experience in that area of law: 

“I like the fact that you feel like you’re not only helping the court and you’re getting some influence in how something gets resolved, but I really do feel like in these cases, as guardian ad litem, it’s my job to look after the best interest of the children and that’s good,” he said. 

GAL for Minors Program Director Rebekah Rashidfarokhi praised Rawn’s commitment in the article, telling the story of a previously settled matter that resurfaced – when she offered the case to Rawn, she did so with a caveat that if it was too much, CVLS would handle it. Turns out the caveat wasn’t necessary. “It’s going to take a lot more than yelling and screaming to put us off,’” Rawn replied. 

“For them to say they’re committed to sticking by this kid says a lot,” says Rebekah.

Read the entire story on Rawn here!