Volunteer Spotlight: Laura

Monday, February 3, 2014

When volunteer Laura Amend isn’t at the CVLS office processing intake forms, she enjoys a career as a classically trained singer!

Laura has been working in the music industry for over 30 years, most recently with the Grant Park Music Festival, singing in the chorus for the concert series in Millennium Park. She has been involved with Music of the Baroque, one of the area’s top classical groups, for 14 years, and has spent about 17 years singing in church events. Laura says she enjoyed singing in churches because it gave her a chance to see and perform in beautiful spaces all around Chicago.

With a background in choruses, chamber groups and even oratorio (which is a soloist involved in a bigger musical production like Handel’s Messiah), Laura has also worked in musical recording and as a singing instructor at Columbia College Chicago. No matter the venue, however, she says the important thing is to sing the music well, because there is always someone who will enjoy it.

In addition to music, Laura was interested in the law. As a result, she attended Roosevelt University’s paralegal program in 2006. Recently, she was interested in volunteer opportunities to use her paralegal skills.

In May of 2013 Laura found CVLS, and now comes in a couple days a week, volunteering for a few hours each day doing intake work. She helps enter the intake information into the CVLS database, and enjoys it because it’s not just “crunching numbers,” the information all makes sense on a larger scale.

We’re so grateful for the amazing work Laura does, and proud of her accomplishments as a singer! Thank you, Laura!