Volunteer Spotlight: Jennifer

Friday, November 14, 2014

The immense need for legal representation among people with low income sometimes seems overwhelming.

Thankfully, CVLS has volunteers like Jennifer Lynn Wong

Jennifer heard about CVLS while attending DePaul Law School. She thought it was “a great way to get myself out there, meet more people and try to help out.” 

She attended a volunteer training session and immediately began conducting intake interviews. From landlord-tenant disputes to family law matters, Jennifer handled a variety of different interviews in a short amount of time. When not interviewing potential clients, Jennifer pitched in at gear check at this year’s Race Judicata®. 

Jennifer’s enthusiasm, coupled with her litigation experience in both personal injury and family law cases, makes her a valuable asset to any organization.

Currently, Jennifer is transitioning to a new position in entertainment law, a field that combines two passions— performing arts and law. Those passions, and her interest in helping people earn a living with music, are why she also volunteers with Lawyers for the Creative Arts. 

She says volunteering is important to her because she enjoys helping people, and knows that not everyone can afford an attorney. She intends to use her specialized knowledge to help those people. “It was tough to find a job, and I don’t want to just sit around and do nothing – I want to make use of my time and my JD.” 

Jennifer plans to start taking cases representing CVLS clients soon. Then she’ll have come full circle from her beginnings as an intake volunteer.

We’re looking forward to Jennifer bringing her passion and expertise to our clients!