Volunteer Spotlight: Jeff Bunn

Friday, March 3, 2017

Jeff Bunn did not expect that his career as a litigator with Latimer LeVay Fyock would include advocating for dedicated quiet spaces in the office, but somehow this is how it turned out. After 30 years litigating business, intellectual property and probate cases, Jeff discovered many personal, professional and health-related benefits that come with a mindfulness practice. 

“This whole mindfulness craze is really relevant to the legal community,” Jeff says. “There’s a whole lot of stress and strain, some of it is kind of social, some of it is professional. The stakes are high.”  Practicing mindfulness gives Jeff the opportunity to clear his mind and come back to the table with a fresh perspective, which has made him a more effective lawyer. 

Before a tense phone call, contested motion or court, Jeff used to prepare right up until the very last minute. Today the five minutes he takes to clear his mind before an important meeting is an important part of his preparation process. “There’s always going to be time for preparation, and that probably comes with the turf. If you’re in the legal business, you’re kind of wired to over prepare, but you don’t have to be that way all the time. “

In his role as chair of the CBA’s Committee on Mindfulness and the Law, Jeff shares these benefits with other legal professionals. “Mindfulness is not religion-based. It is not some alternative wisdom. It’s certainly not contrary to traditional business practices. It is an effective legal and business tool, consistent with notions of professional civility. Most importantly, mindfulness is supported by evidence-based science.”  

For Jeff, mindfulness is three things. “Simple. Secular. Scientific.”