Volunteer Spotlight: Eric Sutton is Moving On Up!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Helping people keep their homes is a never-ending struggle. As a CVLS staff attorney, Eric Sutton fought that battle. Now, after recently striking out on his own, he provides the same caliber of legal assistance to his clients, from a different place.

While Eric found it incredibly rewarding when he was defending the little guy at CVLS, he was frustrated that he couldn’t help people whose income was too high to be eligible for CVLS’ help, yet too low to afford most attorneys. Eric wanted to find a way to help these people. He found it by starting his own firm — Sutton Legal Services, LLC.

Eric’s knowledge of mergers and acquisitions, transactional law and infrastructure financing equipped him with valuable insight into the common issues he handles in his typical caseload, including condominium association board matters and mortgage foreclosures.

The Chicago Bar Foundation’s Justice Entrepreneurs Project (JEP) provided Eric with the resources and business management guidance he needed to launch Sutton Legal Services. Now that the firm is up and running, he also relies on the legal expertise and development strategy he learned at CVLS to manage an effective practice. In fact, just a few weeks after leaving his position at CVLS, Eric had his practice incorporated, and he had even taken on his first client.

Although he is no longer a staff attorney with CVLS, Eric continues fighting for justice, now doing so through his very own practice! Still thankful for all that he learned and experienced in his time with CVLS, Eric continues to help with cases, and volunteers at the monthly CVLS Chinatown Clinic despite the pressures and work demands that come from running his own practice. Now, even more clients have called on Sutton Legal Services for help, and Eric plans to continue answering such calls for a long time to come.

For more information about Sutton Legal Services, visit www.suttonlegalservices.com.