Volunteer Spotlight: Chris Moss

Friday, March 3, 2017

After 25 years volunteering at CVLS, Chris Moss is ready for semi-retirement. He’s stepping down from his roles as the co-chair of the Jane Addams Legal Clinic and as a paralegal with Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP, but he’ll still help with the occasional intake and Race Judicata, he says. 

In 1991 Chris volunteered at the Lakeview Citizens Council, performing intakes and conducting initial interviews. His firm, Gardner, Carton & Douglas, sponsored the neighborhood clinic with CVLS and Chris was asked to help out. “I really enjoyed it and just stayed on, and stayed on, and stayed on.” 

Later, Chris volunteered with the Jane Addams Legal Clinic at its first location at Broadway and Belmont. As the paralegal intake volunteer at the clinic, he was on the front lines, which he liked, and the work helped him in his career outside of the legal clinic. Chris followed the clinic when it moved from its north side neighborhood to the Loop. 

Because he is a paralegal, and not an attorney, Chris is not professionally obligated to do pro bono work. “It just goes back to helping out the clients, making a difference and giving back to the community. I’m not required to do that the way doctors and attorneys are, but I helped out and enjoyed it and stuck with it.” Working in a legal clinic also gave a welcome contrast to his day job serving corporate clients.  “It’s nice to sit across the table from a client with a face and I like the idea of helping someone who might be struggling to stay in their apartment.” 

Chris has received CVLS’ Distinguished Service award multiple times and served on the Board of Directors. Our sincere gratitude goes out to Chris for his many years of hard work. His skills and talents have been vital in helping attorneys at the clinic and the clients obtain equal access to justice. Thank you, Chris!