Sunday, October 1, 2017

High School Volunteer Helps Exterminate a Major Problem for One of Our Families

Yudith G, Crysto Rey Jesuit High School Volunteer

CVLS is lucky to have volunteers from all walks of life and with all levels of experience. One such volunteer is Yudith, a high school freshman who volunteers for us through Cristo Rey Jesuit High School’s Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP). Cristo Rey Jesuit High School “provid[es] a Catholic, college preparatory education and professional work experience to students from Spanish speaking families with limited financial means.” Cristo Rey is able to do this because their students, like Yudith, spend five full days a month working at local firms and offices in entry-level positions that fund close to 70% of their education costs. While Yudith is at CVLS’s main office, she is able to aid staff and volunteers with a variety of tasks ranging from administrative errands to Spanish language translation and interpretation.

Recently, Yudith was of great assistance to our Adult GAL Program. One of the families in the program is caring for a loved one with severe disabilities, and during the site visit, our volunteer GAL found that the family is having a bug issue in their home. Yudith was tasked with calling around to various extermination services, explaining the situation, and asking whether or not the exterminators would provide free or low-cost services to this family. After diligent effort and follow-up, Yudith was successful in obtaining free services for the family! We are proud of Yudith for accomplishing an important task for one of our families!