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Monday, October 7, 2019

Repeat Clients Achieve Repeat Success!

Eileen Kelly, Harrison Law LLC

CVLS represented Paul and Neatha at the height of the housing crisis through our Foreclosure Mediation Program. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers several years ago, the couple modified their loan, decreased their monthly payments, and saved their home from foreclosure.

But that wasn’t the end of their problems. This time, due to a mix-up concerning the new payments, the house was threatened by foreclosure yet again.

Fortunately, the foreclosure judge referred them to CVLS through the Access to Justice (A2J) Program. CVLS staff, familiar with the clients and their circumstances, determined the best course of action and assigned the case with Eileen Kelly of Harrison Law, LLC.

Eileen helped the couple reapply and secure a new modification to resolve the issue. She monitored the case to ensure that Paul and Neatha were making timely payments. Thanks to Eileen’s advocacy and attention to detail, the foreclosure was again dismissed. Hopefully for good this time!