Towers go Toe-to-toe with Troy

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Volunteer attorney comes to the rescue

Brian Kron, CVLS Volunteer

While driving his mother around, Troy had no idea he would end up embroiled in a lawsuit for more than $50,000. When Troy and his Mother were hit by a tow truck Troy’s mother sued the tow truck company for her injuries. Brought in as a third party defendant, Troy needed legal counsel. He came to CVLS for help.

In came CVLS volunteer, Brian Kron. Brian was a fairly new attorney seeking experience and was moved by Troy’s plight. Brian hit the ground running filing motions and holding depositions. Although Brian hoped mediation between the parties would succeed, he still prepared an answer and affirmative defenses. He also participated in discovery and fought for his client every step of the way. In the end, Brian’s hard work paid off, and the case settled with no finding of liability for Troy.

According to Brian, “CVLS gives me the opportunity to work with great clients who are enjoyable to serve. They are among my favorite clients and cases. Troy’s case was a lot of fun and gave me the opportunity to participate in a Law Division case. There were several case management conference meetings, but I would have to say that the deposition aspects of the case were the most engaging and enjoyable.”

Congrats, Brian and Troy! This case is just another example of why CVLS volunteers fight for our clients and access to justice!