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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Polsinelli Attorney Resolves Case as GAL

Andrew Ryerson, Polsinelli

Erica is 19 years old. She suffers from cerebral palsy and other medical conditions that make her incapable of bearing her own weight. She is non-verbal, requires a wheelchair, and is incapable of making her own personal and financial decisions.

Evonne, Erica’s mother, filed for guardianship of Erica. The Probate Court appointed CVLS as Guardian ad Litem to investigate the facts of the case and provide a recommendation. CVLS assigned the case the pro bono volunteer, Andrew Ryerson of Polsinelli P.C.

During his investigation, Andrew conducted a home visit and spoke to all of Erica’s family members. He took care to explain his role clearly and fully. Andrew’s detailed interviews and note-taking resulted in a comprehensive GAL Report that recommended the entry of an order granting Evonne much-needed guardianship of her daughter.

Although Andrew’s work on this case was entirely pro bono, Evonne wanted to express her gratitude to him in her own way. She made him some homemade fudge, which Andrew shared with CVLS staff. It was delicious!

After the case was over, we thanked Andrew for his hard work. He said, “Evonne is an angel – it’s a pleasure to help folks like that. “