Staff Spotlight: Jessica Engle, Office Manager

Monday, March 16, 2015

The answer to most questions at CVLS is “Ask Jessica.” If you’ve attended an event or a CLE seminar at CVLS, used our mailing address while handling cases, taken on an Adult GAL case, made a donation or used Legal Server, you have our Office Manager, Jessica Engle, to thank for everything running smoothly. 

As everyone in our office knows, CVLS would likely grind to a halt without her; Jessica also ensures we never run out of office or kitchen supplies, schedules and manages registration for meetings and events, assists with accounting, handles all the mail and faxes and provides administrative support for everyone. Perhaps even more impressively, she manages to keep up with the staggering amount of coffee our office collectively drinks. 

“I’m a jack-of-all-trades,” Jessica says, in a masterpiece of understatement.

More than five years later, Jessica is still at CVLS because “the staff are all amazing people” and “the volunteers are awesome.” She says she likes feeling like she helps things run smoothly, and making sure the staff doesn’t have to worry about needing anything. 

“These people are here because they want to make a difference,” she says. She points out that clients who come to CVLS would often have a difficult time finding an attorney to take on their cases, let alone afford that attorney. “I feel like I’m working somewhere that really helps people.” 

Facilitating nearly every aspect of CVLS helping people, Jessica’s behind-the-scenes work helps not only our organization, but the clients we serve.

In fact, she is such a staple around CVLS that 20-year veteran volunteer Elaine recently asked Jessica how long she’d been working here, and couldn’t believe the answer. She said, “It feels like you’ve been here as long as I’ve been volunteering!”