Spotlight On: LaToyia Kimbrough, JEP

Friday, July 29, 2016

Latoyia Kimbrough applied to the Justice Entrepreneurs Project, she said, because she wanted to make change within the way the criminal justice system treats defendants and their families. She finished from law school in December 2014, passed the bar that February and got her license in May. She worked with a solo practitioner until she was accepted to the JEP class in November.

While Kimbrough’s law practice has focused on family law so far, she is expanding it to include more criminal cases. “Often you walk into a courtroom and the only person of color is the defendant,” Kimbrough said. “To truly understand and relate to people, it kind of helps to have a similar background. I went to law school with a focus on criminal law.”

Practicing family law gives her a chance to help many of the same clients as she would in her criminal practice. At CVLS she handles divorces and adoptions.

CVLS has given her one-on-one help with the things they don’t teach in law school. “Law school prepared you for how to find the law and look up things, but coming right out of law school, what I’ve struggled with the most is the procedure,” Kimbough said. “CVLS has been great providing me with support and information. When you come up with a complex issue, they provide a template to move forward.”