Sometimes you just need a helping hand

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Irene Hickey Sullivan, CVLS PILI Fellow

Mr. Green was a participant in CHA’s housing choice voucher program until he was terminated in 2016 for missing a pair of appointments at CHA HQ. He also failed to request an informal hearing within a month and was terminated. He then failed to file a lawsuit within 6 months of being terminated and the SOL under the administrative review act had run.

Mr. Green is developmentally delayed and has spent the last two years trying to get back into the program by calling CHA. In the meantime he moved in with his mother who eventually helped him figure out he needed to sue CHA. The court referred him to CVLS through the Access to Justice Program.

CVLS PILI Fellow Irene Hickey Sullivan worked with Mr. Green to put together a Reasonable Accommodation Request to the CHA, asking them to reinstate him to the program and to contact his mother if he misses appointments, etc. going forward. As part of the request she gathered medical records (and Mr. Green’s own court file) and submitted them to CHA to show how Mr. Green’s disability made it difficult for him to adhere to program requirements. CHA granted the request, the lawsuit was dismissed and he’s already received his new voucher. Going forward CHA will contact his mother if there’s ever a missed appointment, etc. Mr. Green is very sweet and was incredibly thankful for Irene’s assistance.