Sunday, October 1, 2017

CVLS Supports a Family Not Once, But Twice

On occasion, CVLS is called upon to assist a family who has worked with the organization previously. This provides an opportunity to see the impact of CVLS’ work over a long period of time while helping a family face their current challenge. Candace is a 19 year-old young woman who has been diagnosed with autism and epilepsy. Candace relies heavily on the attention and assistance of her mother, Ronda, to meet her day-to-day needs. Ronda also cares for Candace’s older brother DeShawn. Several years ago CVLS was appointed GAL when Ronda filed and successfully obtained guardianship of DeShawn. CVLS was again appointed as GAL when Ronda asked to become Candace’s guardian, and Seyfarth Shaw Attorney, Kimberly Schwegel, took the case.

Through her investigation, Kimberly found Ronda to be an excellent caretaker. “Ronda might be the most amazing and loving person I’ve ever met.” Ronda ensures that Candace attends school during the week, enabling Candace to learn important academic, social, and daily living skills. Kimberly was able to observe the special relationship shared by Candace and Ronda, and she was able to visit Ronda’s home and observe the strong family support system surrounding mother and daughter. With the help of Kimberly’s thorough investigation and positive recommendation, the court appointed Ronda as Candace’s guardian at the end of June. Kimberly and CVLS were able to help this Mother care for not only one but two of her children!