Rare bottle for auction

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Famous Distillery Donates 6 Millionth Barrel Bottle to CVLS

Buffalo Trace has donated 400 bottles from its 6 millionth barrel to charities across the country in hopes to raise $500,000 for worthy causes.

Last year, Buffalo Trace barreled their 7 millionth barrel of whiskey since Prohibition. They house milestone barrels like this in the world’s tiniest rick house, built to hold just one barrel at a time. When the 7 millionth barrel was rolled off the line in April of 2018, the 6 millionth barrel was removed to age another year in a larger warehouse.

Finally, after a total of 10 years and 11 months of aging, the barrel was bottled this year, filling four hundred 375ml glass bottles. Each bottle has a handwritten description on it and comes packaged in a hardwood box including a piece of stave from the 6 millionth barrel and brochure explaining the significance of this historic barrel.

CVLS is holding an online auction for this historical bottle with the winner to be announced online and at Vino + Van Gogh on November 15th. To bid on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity visit the auction page at: www.32auctions.com/CVLS6MBarrel

Please help us make this auction a success by spreading the word around your office, to your friends and family, or anyone who enjoys quality and a touch of class. Thank you all and good luck!