a pro bono star is born

Thursday, April 5, 2018

A New Generation

CVLS Staff and friends gather to congratulate Jonathan on a job well done; (left to right) Josh Altman, Matthew Hulstein, Jonathan Adair, Marty Cozzola, Katie Rhoades, Matt Pollock, Debi Filipovich, Jordan Heinz, Susan DeCostanza, Deepa Arora

Jonathan Adair, Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Kirkland & Ellis LLP held their Pro Bono Reception on March 1st to honor their associates who have gone above and beyond in their pro bono work in the past year. CVLS Board Member, Jordan Heinz, metaphorically passed the torch on to Jonathan Adair who was given the Associate Pro Bono All-Stars award for his ongoing work with CVLS. Jordan formerly served on the CVLS Junior Board and Jonathan is a current Junior Board Member.

We are so proud to have Jordan and Jonathan as a part of our CVLS family!