a pro bono happy ending

Monday, April 1, 2019

Rosa's Adoption Story

George Vasios, CVLS Volunteer

Adoption cases often involve happy endings to unhappy beginnings.

12-year-old Rosa doesn’t remember her biological parents. Shortly after she was born, her father abandoned her and her mother. Rosa’s mother then passed away when Rosa was just three years old. After her mother’s death, Rosa was raised by her cousin Gloria and Gloria’s partner, Edgar.

Last year, Gloria and Edgar wanted to make their relationship to Rosa permanent – by formally adopting her as their child. Through our Jane Addams Clinic, CVLS placed their case with attorney George Vasios.

George filed a Petition for Adoption and worked with a Guardian ad Litem to ensure that the adoption is in Rosa’s best interests. The GAL recommended the adoption, and the Court agreed. Edgar and Gloria are now officially Rosa’s adoptive parents!

The family was grateful to George and to CVLS for their legal representation. Although Rosa grew up not really knowing her biological parents, she is in the very good hands of adoptive parents who love her and have cared for her nearly her entire life.