The Power of Bankruptcy

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

How Marissa Got Back on Her Feet

Tina Tran, Needle & Thread Law

You may remember the beginning of Marissa’s story from our Facebook page. A homemaker and the mother of a five-year-old son, Marissa was laid off from her job. She decided to go back to school with the support of her husband, the sole provider of the household. Overwhelmed with debt and struggling financially, Marissa and her husband came to CVLS for help.

CVLS reviewed Marissa’s finances and recommended a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Her case was placed with Tina Tran, a CVLS volunteer with the Justice Entrepreneurs Project. Tina helped Marissa and her husband file for a joint Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Thanks to Tina, the couple recently received a joint discharge and they are now well on their way to a new financial life!

Bankruptcy is a powerful tool that can provide a family like Marissa’s with a much-needed fresh start. However, few people know how or when to file, or even if they should file. In CVLS’ Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Program, CVLS volunteers advise potential clients about the benefits and limitations of bankruptcy, and, if appropriate, represent them throughout the process.

A typical CVLS bankruptcy case includes completing all of the necessary documents and filing the case, using special software on CVLS computers, attending a creditors’ meeting, and reviewing and negotiating any reaffirmation agreements. If you are interested in taking a bankruptcy case or would like more information about the program, please contact CVLS attorney Matt Hulstein at