For Old time’s sake

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Serving a Family Across Generations

Sandy Morris of Valentine Austriaco & Bueschel

When Felicia filed for divorce after a ten-year separation from her husband, she couldn’t afford to make payments to her attorney and the case languished. Already reeling from years of emotional turmoil, this stalemate increased her stress and she didn’t know what to do. But her mom had an idea.

A few years ago, Felicia’s mom had adopted a grandson with the pro bono help of CVLS volunteer attorney, Sandy Morris of Valentine Austriaco & Bueschel. Delighted by Sandy’s help, she suggested that Felicia reach out to Sandy through CVLS. Good-hearted Sandy stepped in and quickly got that pokey divorce moving, despite the husband’s best efforts. Although he dodged service, refused to respond and didn’t cooperate, Sandy’s persistence got the case resolved. The final court hearing turned into a joyful reunion as Sandy and Felica’s mother connected and caught up.

Proof that CVLS, in business since 1964, provides pro-bono assistance across the generations.