Navigating an Intestate Mess

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Volunteer Doesn’t Accept the Run Around

Barbara Mallon, Mallon & Johnson

While still grieving about her husband’s death, Patricia needed to get his affairs in order. That included changing the title to two cars and cashing checks payable to him from his employer and union.

Although she tried to resolve her issues with a small estate affidavit, various bank, union and secretary of state employees either insisted on court orders or refused to even talk to her.

To complicate matters further, it turned out that one car had a lien and was impounded because her son had driven it on a suspended license. And, the other car? Well, the title paperwork was nowhere to be found.

Enter Barbara Mallon, a volunteer at CVLS’ Old St. Mary’s Church Clinic in the south Loop. Barbra hit the ground running, drafting a revised small estate affidavit, sending out letters and explaining Patricia’s rights to obstinate union officials and state employees.

Thanks to all of Barbara’s work, Patricia collected on her late husband’s employment and union checks, received title to both cars, and got the liens and impoundment fines waived on the one car.