Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Familiar Faces Awarded for Excellence

Margaret Benson, CVLS Executive Director

Susan DeCostanza, CVLS Director, GAL for Minors Program

Nobody in the history of legal aid has ever made their career in this field for money, fame or power. It’s not fancy cars or big houses that draws people to a life dedicated to serving your fellow human beings. What drives these special individuals is a selfless desire to help others because it is right, and it is good. That is all the reason they need. The world will keep spinning and may not ever notice, but the people whose lives they’ve changed will forever be the better for it.

We at CVLS are always very proud of our attorneys and support staff and the work that they do, which is why we are so excited that Margaret Benson, CVLS Executive Director, and Susan DeCostanza, Director of CVLS’ Guardian ad Litem for Adults Program, have each been recognized recently for their work in the field of legal aid.

Meg was honored with the Loyola University of Chicago School of Law Alumni Public Service Merit Award for demonstrating an outstanding commitment to public service and social justice in her career.

Susan interned at CVLS in 2007, joined our staff in 2010 and currently serves as Director of CVLS’ Adult GAL Program. The Public Interest Law Initiative honored her with their Distinguished PILI Alumni Award at their 40th Anniversary gala this year.

We are ecstatic that these great attorneys are receiving the recognition they didn’t seek, but certainly deserve.