Lousy Lender

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Client Keeps Home After Unnecessary Explanation

Damon Ritenhouse, EV Has, LLC

Two years ago, Mariam’s husband suffered a massive heart attack and died in their home. The loss of his income caused a default on the mortgage, and Mariam faced the terrifying prospect of losing the home to foreclosure.

Mariam and her husband owned the property as joint tenants, so she became the sole owner the moment he passed away. Miriam had enough income to qualify for a modification of her loan, but her lender kept insisting she probate his estate in order to be approved. As any first-year law student can tell you, probating an estate is unnecessary if the property is held in joint tenancy!

Fortunately, Judge Sullivan referred Mariam to CVLS. We accepted the appointment and placed the case with Damon Ritenhouse of EV Haus. Damon worked with Mariam to get her modification application reviewed and approved.

“The client and her family were very diligent, and after several months, we were able to obtain an affordable modification offer and have the case dismissed,” explained Damon.

“It was great to work with the [family] and help them get a good resolution under difficult circumstances.”

The loan was brought out of default with a new, affordable payment, and Miriam was able to keep her family home. Thank you to Judge Sullivan for the referral and to Damon for all your hard work!