Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Greek Legal Clinic Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Hel.LAS volunteers pose at their 1 year anniversary celebration

Realizing that there were countless members of their community with limited financial resources and a need for legal assistance, the Hellenic Foundation’s (HF) Executive Director Peter Valessares and Hellenic Bar Association (HBA) Chairman Eleni Kouimelis decided to do something. They contacted CVLS Junior Board member Eleni Katsoulis and together they worked on a solution. On May 13, 2016 the Hel.LAS legal clinic, a partnership between the HBA, HF and CVLS, was born.

The clinic provides Greek Americans with access to legal information, referrals, and potential representation in a linguistically and culturally sensitive environment. During their first year, the clinic has served nearly 100 Chicago Greek families with their legal issues. Promoted and served by a dedicated group of 40 volunteer attorneys, Hel.LAS has become a beacon of hope to this closely knitted demographic of our city.

With an extremely high referral rate, the clinic boasts a full schedule of appointments every month.

“This is a huge compliment, and speaks volumes to the quality of our services”