Frightening Cemetary

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Attorney Works “Graveyard Shift” to Solve Client’s Unique Issue

Marc Primack, Dressler Peters

As a Partner at Dressler Peters, Marc Primack works with businesses on a variety of legal issues. But in late 2016, while volunteering at the CVLS Jewish United Fund (JUF) clinic, Marc was approached by a client named Ed who had a unique legal issue.

Ed had long complained about the conditions of gravesites at a local cemetery for some relatives and other persons he knew. He tried by himself to talk to cemetery staff about the gravesites and although he had some success, Ed could not quite get through.

Marc listened to Ed’s complaints about the conditions at the cemetery and agreed to help. He reviewed cemetery contract forms, which obligated cemetery staff to maintain the gravesites to a certain standard. Along with Ed, Marc corresponded and met with the attorney for the cemetery.

Marc eventually worked out a settlement. The cemetery owners agreed to restore the problematic gravesites to the level of care originally arranged for them. As part of the agreement, the gravesites were to continue to be maintained, and Ed was encouraged to deal directly with cemetery staff if he had any issues in the future.

Although the stakes were different from Marc’s usual cases, Marc still handled Ed’s legal issue with care and empathy. Well done, Marc!