Family Feud

Monday, February 3, 2020

Serving a Family Across Generations

James Trail, Bernstein Law Firm, LLC

Sothsri and her siblings purchased an investment property just a few years before the 2008 financial crisis. Although each sibling started with an equal fraction, over the years they transferred their interests back and forth with quit-claim deeds—some recorded, some not—and kept refinancing the loan. The result was that title was a mess.

When the property was lost to foreclosure, the sale left a $50,000 surplus. One of the siblings petitioned for the funds, but the hopelessly tangled title and the family’s utter confusion caused the judge to appoint CVLS through its Access to Justice Program.

CVLS placed this puzzle of a case with James Trail of Bernstein Law Firm, LLC. He carefully decluttered the title history, crafted an agreed order that preserved each of the sibling’s equitable and respective shares and presented the petition to the Court, leading the siblings through sworn testimonies in court. Thanks to James’ patience and hard work, this messy case was resolved. Sothsri and each her siblings received their correct share of the surplus.