Extremely execrable ex

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Homeowner Helped by CVLS Teamwork

Matthew Hulstein, CVLS Supervising Attorney, Access to Justice Program

Archangel’s husband abandoned his family, drained their bank accounts, and stopped paying the mortgage. The lender wouldn’t talk to Archangel because the house and loan were in her husband’s name. They divorced and Archangel was awarded the house along with the mortgage. But, her ex refused to sign a deed and the lender still wouldn’t talk to her. Foreclosure loomed.

The foreclosure turned out to be fortuitous for Archangel and her three children because the Chancery court ordered mediation and appointed CVLS to represent her. Staff attorneys Matt Hulstein and Rob Zielinski knew just what to do. Rob went to the Domestic Relations Division and got a judicial deed, and then Matt helped Archangel apply for a loan modification. Now that the house was in her name, the lender approved a trial payment plan (TPP). As long as she made three trial payments on time, the lender would let her assume the mortgage and give her a permanent modification.

Rob Zielinski, CVLS Staff Attorney, Child Rep Program

But Archangel’s ex caught wind of the TPP and told the lender to cancel it. They complied because his name was still on the account. So, Matt fought back with the lender, arguing that the cancellation violated servicing regulations, while Rob petitioned the Domestic Relations Court, getting orders enjoining the ex from interfering with the modification and directing the lender to complete the process. The lender relented and let Archangel make her trial payments. Although her ex continued to press the lender to cancel the plan, this time the bank ignored his calls. Archangel got her permanently modified mortgage. Go Team CVLS!