Expecting the Unexpected

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Adoption Finalized with Help from Sidley Volunteer!

Stephanie Stern, Sidley Austin LLP

Adoption is a tricky process. It’s paperwork-intensive, and there are often bumps in the road – something volunteer attorney Stephanie Stern soon found out!

Monica and Michael sought to jointly adopt three-year-old Gregory. Although not biologically related to them, Gregory had been in their care since he was just four months old. He was essentially handed to the couple by his biological mother, a woman they knew from the neighborhood.

Gregory’s mother had initially intended to leave him temporarily, but she soon agreed to grant Monica legal guardianship. After over a year without communication from the biological mother and with no clue as to the identity of the biological father, Monica and Michael decided they wanted to officially adopt Gregory.

There were several bumps in the road, some big and some small, on the way to adoption. Although Michael disclosed his criminal background, Monica forgot that she had been arrested once in the past. The arrest was unwarranted and did not lead to a conviction, but it came up during a routine background check and needed to be addressed.

Stephanie wasted no time resolving this issue and addressing everything else the Court threw at her. After finalizing the adoption, she had this to say: “Monica and Michael were a pleasure to work with; so appreciative of everything I did and great clients all around.”