An end of an era

Saturday, February 8, 2020

We Say Goodbye to Deepa

Deepa Arora, former Adult GAL program director

With every new year come changes and new challenges that we must endure and overcome. This year, that change starts with saying goodbye to our dear friend, Deepa Arora. Deepa has started a new chapter in her life with a new city to explore and a new husband to do it with.

Deepa has been with CVLS since 2015, and served as GAL for Disabled Adults program director, as well as Junior Board staff liaison. Always ready with a smile, she was well known and loved by program volunteers and the legal aid community as a whole. We wish her well in 2020 and beyond and give our thanks for all the wonderful work she did to further Chicago pro bono.

Friendship bracelets were handed out during her goodbye party so we always remember