CVLS opposes cutting vital funding for civil legal aid

Friday, March 31, 2017

The new administration recently proposed eliminating funding for the Legal Services Corporation in its 2018 budget. CVLS strongly opposes this as it would decimate our sister organizations across Illinois, Legal Assistance Foundation, Prairie State Legal Services and Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation, and hurt the tens of thousands of low-income clients they serve.

The LSC was established over 50 years ago as part of the War on Poverty. Today, it continues to promise that in America anyone can obtain justice – not just those who can afford it. Gutting civil legal aid would devastate families and vulnerable people in Illinois, especially in rural areas where obtaining free or low cost legal help is already a struggle. Historically, LSC has seen wide bipartisan support for one simple reason – Americans believe in justice for all.

Millions of Americans cannot afford legal help when they are facing life-changing situations. Civil legal aid helps veterans obtain earned benefits, families facing wrongful evictions, people trapped in abusive relationships and parents seeking custody of their children. It provides Americans with the tools they need to protect their families, homes and health.