Saturday, October 14, 2017

We Have Another Celebrity on Our Hands

Janice Dantes, Attorney at Law

On October 14, CVLS Junior Board member Janice Dantes will be inducted into the Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame!

The annual Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame is a very prestigious award in the Filipino American community of Chicago and the Midwest. It recognizes outstanding individuals for demonstrating uncommon, innovative, and civic responsibility, and who have excelled and achieved so much for the encouragement and betterment of the Filipino American community.

In addition to being a very active member of Chicago’s Filipino Asian American legal aid world, Janice is a member of CVLS’ Junior Board of Directors and organizes periodic CLE seminars for the legal aid community. Janice volunteered with CVLS through the Justice Entrepreneurs Project and has been a familiar face ever since. Starting in 2014, Janice has helped our low-income clients in the areas of Family Law and Adult Guardianship. Without a doubt, she has earned this honor.

We’re proud of you, Janice!