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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Author Shows Unique Form of Gratitude

Elizabeth Peterson, CVLS Volunteer

Not all CVLS cases involve contested litigation or fierce courtroom advocacy. Sometimes, a client just needs a few documents drafted and some legal advice without incurring extraordinary fees. Donald, an 80-year-old author, came to CVLS with that kind of simple task: he wanted to make sure his possessions went to a close friend after Donald’s death.

With only a small monthly Social Security benefit as income, Donald could not afford the hundreds of dollars it would take to consult with a private estate planning attorney. Enter award-winning CVLS volunteer attorney, Liz Peterson. Liz met with Donald and agreed to draft the appropriate paperwork to accomplish Donald’s goals.

Donald’s estate, while financially meager, was rich with sentimental and artistic value. His last will and testament leaves four books and a screenplay to his closest friend, Julie. Along with a will to dispose of his property, Liz also helped Donald create the appropriate Powers of Attorney for property and healthcare.

Once the documents were finalized, Donald sent a personalized, typewritten note to CVLS expressing his gratitude, which is appended below.

The pleasure was all ours, Donald

"Dear Ms. Harrison:

This is a much belated note of appreciation for the estate resolution your organization did for me.

I am now finally past the radiation treatment is was facing concerning the . Hopefully that will have resolved that problem.

It is good ot have both, accomplished.

Again, my sincere thanks.