The cost of being a good daughter

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Family Health Emergency Causes Financial Chaos

Barbara Mallon, Mallon & Johnson

Last year, Adriana was a typical college student. She was living away from home in an off-campus apartment with three roommates. In December 2018, she found out that her mother’s health had deteriorated. Adriana made the difficult choice to leave college and return home to Chicago to take care of her mother and help with finances at home.

Adriana paid rent for her apartment in January 2019 but stopped in February. She tried her best to sublet the apartment but could not find anyone to take over the rest of her lease. In February 2019, she sought help from the CVLS Clinic at Old St. Mary’s (OSM) Church.

Barbara Mallon of Mallon & Johnson, long-time CVLS volunteer, agreed to stand by Adriana’s side. She contacted the landlord’s agent and was told the lease could not be canceled. Barbara informed Adriana of all her options, including walking away, the consequences of doing so, and the possibility of settlement.

Acting as part-attorney, part-mediator, Barbara was able to negotiate a settlement between Adriana and the landlord’s agent. They agreed to allow Adriana to pay her outstanding rent in a reasonable monthly amount over the next two years.

Although not a particularly flashy case, Adriana’s issue was settled fairly and reasonably with the help of a volunteer attorney. (For a flashier story, check out our Facebook post about Barbara’s expert handling of her first-ever Adult Guardianship case!)