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Monday, August 5, 2019

CVLS Volunteer Amicably Settles Child Rep Case!

Colleen M. Hurley, Attorney at Law, Lavelle Law, Ltd.

It’s rare for a contested family law case to have a truly happy ending. Often when CVLS is appointed to represent a child, the goal is to minimize harm as much as possible.

J. is a sweet, eight-year-old girl who was stuck between parents who would not stop fighting with each other about parenting time. When volunteer Colleen Hurley first accepted the Court’s appointment as Child Representative, it looked like the parties would never find any common ground.

Colleen quickly got to work. She met with each family member, noticing that their issues mostly stemmed from hurt emotions. Despite the shouting and the arguing, J.’s parents actually shared more in common than they realized. After allowing some time to heal, Colleen calmly brought the family together.

The parties and Colleen held a successful settlement conference, where they worked hard to compromise and keep the best interests of J. at the forefront. Colleen drafted and entered a signed parenting agreement that satisfied everyone.

After she sent the final order to the parties, she got a lovely thank you note from the entire family:

“Thank you, Colleen, for everything. Your time and patience with this case and our child. We truly appreciated all your efforts. I wish you the best of luck and success in your career and life in general.”

Having worked on some of the toughest cases through CVLS, Colleen is finally eligible for the Domestic Relations Child Representative Roster. We know she will be a fantastic addition. Congratulations, Colleen!