Conflict in the courtroom

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Kirkland attorney defends improperly sued veteran

Sarah Schultes, Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Roderick is an 84-year-old Korean War veteran who lives in Mississippi. His adult son was being sued in Illinois for $4,000,000 by a former employer with some shady business practices. Although the employer had filed the suit pro se, she was aided by an attorney with a suspended Michigan law license. The attorney had drafted the complaint and “served” Roderick by leaving it on his front porch in Mississippi. The attorney also sent him a series of emails and texts trying to settle the case “quickly” for $30,000. An excerpt from one of the emails is below:

“Of course, it is inherently unfair that [plaintiffs] Steve and Karen have to foot the bill for conduct engaged in by your son that is a clear violation of the existing [Temporary Restraining Order] and the law in this regard. It is even more unfair that they are being forced to spend additional sums to enforce an already existing Court order your son refuses to obey.”

Our client had never been employed by this business. He was likely named as a party because he has assets, including his home in Mississippi. Luckily, instead of caving in to this attempted extortion, he contacted the IL-AFLAN hotline and was referred to CVLS. CVLS assigned Roderick’s case to Sarah Schultes of Kirkland and Ellis.

Sarah filed the appropriate pleadings to remove Roderick from the lawsuit and because he wasn’t properly served. The Court granted Sarah’s motion Although the plaintiff indicated that she would attempt service again, she never appeared in court , and the judge eventually dismissed the case for want of prosecution. Congratulations, Sarah, for representing Roderick and giving him some well-deserved peace of mind.