The Closer

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Closer

CVLS Volunteer Tackles Real Estate Closing Completely Pro Bono!

Lauren Sanuw, Sanuw Law Office, P.C.

Many of our clients face more than one legal problem. In fact, more than half (54%) of low-income households face at least two civil legal problems each year. One in four (24%) has faced six or more legal problems in the past year alone.

In 2013, CVLS represented a disabled homeowner in foreclosure. First we helped the client’s adult daughter obtain guardianship of her mother’s estate. Then we were able to successfully resolve the foreclosure. Unfortunately, when the homeowner died in 2014, the daughter, now administrator of her mother’s estate, needed us because the bank was threatening to foreclose again.

Although the heirs had originally settled on one person to inherit the home and assume the loan, when one heir changed his mind, the probate judge told them to sell. The home was listed and a viable offer was accepted.

CVLS doesn’t normally handle closings—our clients rarely need them. This time, however, volunteer Lauren Sanuw, agreed to handle the closing, pro bono, so that the family could realize the maximum benefit from the estate.

After several obstacles, including the buyers threatening to walk away, the sale closed. If not for Lauren, the property would have sold in a foreclosure auction. Instead, the heirs shared a profit.

For modest Lauren, the case was gratifying: “This was a tough one, but I was happy to be a part of the team to help get this to the closing table!”