Case notes: Marla, Riccardo and Peter:

Friday, March 31, 2017

Last January, Marla’s tenant called her and said water was gushing out of a wall and running all over the apartment. Marla rushed to the apartment and learned that the pipes had frozen. She got to work fixing the plumbing and repairing the property, while the tenant moved into a motel. While the tenant was away, the apartment was broken into and vandalized. Marla decided to secure the apartment, but was sued by the tenant for an illegal lockout.

The judge referred Marla to CVLS through the Access to Justice Program, and CVLS placed the case with volunteers Riccardo Di Monte and Peter M. Follenweider, of Di Monte & Lizak. Ricardo and Peter pushed back hard, secured a favorable settlement agreement, and got the case dismissed.

“It was a scary situation for me because it was all new and very stressful,” says Marla, “but Riccardo and Peter explained everything to me and walked me through the case step by step. They were really great.”  Well done Riccardo and Peter!