Case Notes: John, Kisia & Kevin:

Friday, March 31, 2017

John and Kisia’s home was being foreclosed upon. Despite several attempts on their own they were unable to get the bank to work with them. Their housing counselor recommended they reach out to CVLS.

CVLS Volunteer Kevin Erker of Quantitative Risk Management, Inc., thought he could save John and Kisia’s home after looking at the bank’s previous denials, and finding proof that his clients had been treated unfairly. Kevin went to bat for John and Kisia and made sure they felt they were treated like high-priority clients. 

During the mediation proceedings Kevin’s knowledge, assertiveness and professional demeanor helped him obtain a positive outcome for his clients.  John and Kisia wrote to say “Considering the opposing attorney’s verbal behavior toward us that day at mediation, had we not been so adequately represented, we do not believe we could have had such a positive outcome. “ Great work, Kevin!