Tuesday, December 5, 2017

CVLS Volunteer Scores Big Against Insurance Company!

Dave Zulkey, Law Offices of Zulkey and Associates

65-year-old William relies on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) as his only source of income. For clients like William, unexpected expenses can be devastating.

In March 2016, William’s car was hit by another driver. Although no one was hurt, his car required $2,000 in repairs, which he couldn’t afford. His claim to the other driver’s insurance company was promptly rejected. After CVLS’ demand letter was equally unsuccessful, we filed a lawsuit against the other driver and added the insurance company as a third party defendant.

When the case was set for arbitration, CVLS needed a volunteer and Dave Zulkey jumped at the opportunity to handle William’s case. On a short deadline, Dave gathered evidence, drafted a statement of damages, assembled a list of repair costs, and filed itemized affidavits on behalf of his client and the testifying mechanic.

When the insurance company received Dave’s evidence, it acknowledged the damage and processed William’s claim. William received a $2,000 settlement offer – nearly the entire cost of repair – one week before the arbitration hearing! Without Dave’s work, William would not have been able to afford to fix his car.