Call for Volunteers: Child Reps needed!

Friday, March 31, 2017

CVLS is looking for volunteers to serve as Child Representatives. This is a unique opportunity to represent the best interests of children who are in the middle of contentious litigation.

CVLS’ Child Rep Program was created in 2014 to address the need for pro bono attorneys to represent low income children in contested family law cases. Upon being appointed as Child Rep, CVLS performs a preliminary investigation of the parties, to provide volunteers with an appropriate starting point.

Child Reps investigate the issues and parties, recommend outside services when appropriate, negotiate with the parties and advocate for the child both in and out of court. CVLS Child Reps are advocates for children.  They act as an independent, objective party, who sorts through conflicting information to recommend to the court how to meet the child’s best interests.

Attorneys who have taken a Guardian Ad Litem for Minors case and want to do something similar in the Domestic Relations Division, or who just want more experience with family law are welcome to join this program, which in addition to valuable experience, offers attorneys an alternative way for attorneys to be included on the court’s paid Child Representative panel. CVLS volunteers would be eligible for appointments on fee cases after completing only three CVLS Child Rep cases. Our volunteers are given step-by-step support through the life of the case, including sample pleadings and online training materials.

Contact Staff Attorney Rob Zielinski,, or Child Rep Coordinator Miriam Araya,, for more information about taking a Child Rep case.